Philippians Reading Plan

Last week Julie and I took a week’s holiday traveling around the stunning Irish coast. Like many people who had a ‘staycation’ this year, we were amazed at just how much beauty there is available to us in our own country when you take the time to see it.

In a similar way we are constantly surrounded by the beauty of God’s presence, and once you take the time to look you can see the wonders of his goodness and grace all around us.

A great way to experience more of God’s presence in our daily lives is by reading the Bible. On Sunday we are beginning a new series on the New Testament letter to the Philippians, and as usual there is a reading plan to go along with it. The reading plan takes us through the short letter in three weeks. Most days there are just a few verses to read which makes it easy to fit into our busy September lives. And by focusing on a smaller passage it give us more opportunity to think and reflect on what God might be speaking to us through it. I hope that you will consider reading along with us.

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